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Windows 10: The Driver's License for your Computer (DLC)


What is the class like?


It’s live & interactive! We use all the latest technologies which allow you to see the instructors screen and hear his voice as if you were in a real class!

You can ask questions either through type chat or with your voice if you wish.


What will I gain by joining your Windows 10 class?


The whole goal of the training is to increase your skills and understanding as fast as possible.

In only 8 hours of training, you will be playing with your computer as if it was a fine-tuned musical instrument!

So here are some of the benefits you will have from the course:

  • Things that confused you on your computer in the past, become crystal clear.

  • You will be doing new things in a far more productive manner

  • You will, at last, feel confident in yourself and this will give you satisfaction and joy.


What will I learn?

Here are just some of the things that you will learn in the class:


  • Understand & master the “new” interface of Windows 10

  • Customize your workspace

  • How to manage files and folders (this is a must for any computer user)

  • How to change various settings on your computer

  • Understanding file types

  • Understanding file sizes and zipped folders

  • Tips, tricks & tweaks

  • Computer Maintenance

  • Much, much more


Why do I need the lessons?


  • By understanding more about your computer, your computer skills will improve.

  • You will be able to do new things that before you could not even imagine.

  • You will save time when doing tasks because you will understand exactly what you need to do.

  • You will feel more confident in your own skills and feel in control

  • Your skills will increase and that will allow you to either do your current job better or you can approach new jobs and opportunities.


Can I afford to not join your class?


Let me answer your question with another question:


Would you BUY a new car and never learn how to drive it?

Don't waste any more time with frustration, and give yourself a gift of the joy of learning with a top computer trainer.

It's funny that we spend hundreds of dollars to buy computers but we never invest in our own understanding on how to use them.

This will give you new wings for more things in the future, and as you all know whoever doesn't know how to use their computer is computer illiterate. The equivalent of not knowing how to read or write 100 years ago.



Frequently Asked Questions:


How many lessons are there and what time?

The lessons are once per week for a one and a half hour total of 6 weeks (one and a half months).


What's the cost?

For a limited time, we are offering this course at a 33% discount off the normal price for early adopters!

For a limited time, the price is $149 instead of the regular $199. Grab your seat now!


How do I pay?

Transactions via PayPal (you can use your debit or credit card)




What if I'm not satisfied with the lessons or I cannot attend for some reason?

Just let us know and we will refund you in part or in full. There is no risk to you.


Will I be able to ask questions?

Yes, you have access to the trainer for questions during the lessons or at any other time via phone, chat, SMS, or email.


Will I get any materials to remind me of what I learned?

Yes, you will have a PDF and videos that help you retain what you have learned. Ask for a recording and we will send it to you!


What if I miss a class, will you send me a recording?





The future requires us to step up with confidence and power.


And we are here to take you by the hand and open up new horizons and possibilities


You will be amazed !!!


-Kenny S   







Do you have further questions?

Just email us at

give us a call at 646-600-8001   





Sign up now and instead of $199 you only pay $149!