Webinars and Training & The HelpHelpNow Academy!

We want to do more than just solving immediate problems;  we want to build your confidence! We act as a stepping stone towards your computer freedom by providing the reasoning behind the answer to your problems, and not just the answer. Webinars are the key to your understanding of how to handle a group of related topics. We help you learn the material instead of just providing you with a short term solution. Our motto is "empowering users to be more, so they can do more"!


All the webinars will be LIVE and RECORDED, so you can watch the same lesson again and again. You will have the opportunity to ask questions live in the webinar, and also to ask the instructor any question after the lessons are over.

Windows 10 Level 1 (8 hours over 8 week period)
The Driver's License for your Computer (DLC1)


You need to know how to walk before you can run!

This webinar is a MUST for everyone, and it will give you a solid understanding of all the basics that you need to operate your machine.


Here are just some of the things that you will learn in the class:


  • Understand & master the “new” interface of Windows 10

  • Customize your workspace

  • How to manage files and folders (this is a must for any computer user)

  • How to change various settings on your computer

  • Understanding file types

  • Understanding file sizes and zipped folders

  • Tips, tricks & tweaks

  • Much, much more



Windows 10 Level 2 (8 hours over 8 week period)
Drive your Computer like a Racer! (DLC2)


Further your knowledge and complete your tech education. Take this class and you will join the top 5% of knowledgable users on earth! Become very productive and "play their computer like a finely tuned musical instrument !"


  • Upgrading Windows 10 to always have the latest release and updates.

  • Backing up your data locally and on the cloud

  • Using programs to maintain Windows to always work like new

  • What to do if your computer "crashes"

  • Connect hardware like printers and multiple screens

  • Computer Maintenance and optimization

  • Introduction to some very useful 3rd party tools

  • Much, much more​




Internet & the cloud


In this webinar, we will cover all the new technologies and the dangers that exist on the internet today. We will learn how to be informed users and how to get more out of the internet.

Internet security, spyware, viruses, pop-ups and how to avoid them.

How to use "the cloud" and what to be careful of

Microsoft Word, Excel & Powerpoint for the Work @ Home independent contractor


Super-fast, condensed Webinar to teach you all the tricks of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel & Powerpoint).


This course aims to get you up to speed and to make sure you understand how to use  Microsoft Office Suite. After you finish this webinar, you will be on your way to creating documents, Excel spreadsheets and Powerpoint presentations with Microsoft office in no time!


NEW! The HelpHelpNow academy VIP membership - Ongoing computer education.


Perks that you get with a HelpHelpNow Academy r VIP membership:


  • Insider videos about updates, tips, and tricks

  • Access to the members’ forum to ask questions

  • Access to live chat directly with Kenny to ask any questions that you may have (related to academy and VIP lessons), through SLACK

  • Access to the entire library of VIP lesson recordings

  • New, exclusive training, one hour per week, about new technologies, programs, tips and tricks, settings, and all kinds of new things that everybody needs to know. 

Why do you need VIP?


We don’t know what we don’t know, right? Well, that’s why we need instructors, teachers, and mentor in our lives to point us to the right direction and unleash our potential.


I want to be your technological mentor!


I will share with you things that I have been meticulously learning for the LAST 20 YEARS of my life!

I will take you with me on a journey of learning exciting things about technology. I will teach you things that will amaze you, things that will enhance your productivity, things that will make you feel technological confidence to reach your personal or business goals.


The format is simple


Each week, we chose a topic to study and we do the online training. You can collect your questions and we can discuss them in the next class!