Technical Services: If it's broken, we can fix it!

We have been helping people all over the world with technical problems for the last 7 years with complete success.


We connect remotely to your computer, and we fix everything magically in front of your eyes, from the comfort of your home. There is no need to take your computer to a technician or pay high rates for someone to come to your home. We offer better, faster, and more cost-effective technical support. Try us once and you'll never go back to old-fashioned, overpriced technical support!


Talk with an experienced native English speaking technician and discuss your problems. You have a free 15-minute consultation so that we can understand your needs.

Thousands of people all over the world have come to us for technical services, and we have helped them all with complete success.


We have tackled every problem imaginable.


General Tech Support

Is your computer running slow?  Do you have pop-ups or is it just misbehaving? We can fix practically any kind of computer problem that you have. In addition to fixing that particular problem, we will make sure that the computer is working very fast, and that it's secure from any kind of virus. Time needed: Usually one hour.


Virus Removal

If you have a virus, malware, pop-ups or advertisements, we can clean them up and bring your computer back to optimal functionality. We will also install additional scanning tools and teach you how to use them so you can protect your computer from future threats. We are certified to send a report back to live ops that your computer is clean. Time needed: Usually one hour.


Get your Data Backed Up!

We offer solutions, either with a local backup on an external hard drive, or we install software so that your data will be backed up on the Cloud. Time needed: Usually one hour.




  • Fixing system start-up problems

  • Fixing system memory problems

  • Diagnosing of Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

  • Phishing and dangerous spam removal

  • Restoring a system

Some of the services we can provide:

  •     Spyware and Virus removal

  •     Check that software and drivers are up to date

  •     Tune-up of your computer to make it run faster

  •     Disk defragmentation

  •     Removal of all configuration issues

  •     Optimization of your computer

  •     System performance improvement

           And much more…



    You will speak with an experienced Personal Technology Expert
    Problems solved remotely over the Internet, right in your home
    You will get the best Technical Support in the World!

We offer a 48-hour Money Back Guarantee