Technical Services for Independent Contractors with LiveOps, ACDDirect, Arise and other callcenters

We have been helping Independent Contractors with Work at home callcenters for the last 10 years  with complete success.

Hundreds of independent contractors with work at home companies have come to us for technical services, and we have helped them all successfully.

People working at home have specific needs, and we know exactly what those needs and challenges are. Slow computers, pop ups, Java not working, the VCC chat not working, the schedule not poping up, viruses. Allstate and VPN setups and many more. Allow us to save you time, money and frustration.

For the independant contractors with Work at Home call centers,  we offer a special 33% discount on our regular prices as seen below.


Get your PC "Work @ Home Ready"

We check your PC to make sure that all the settings are optimal for working on the work @ home websites. We also optimize the computer and make sure that it's secure from viruses and other threats. Time needed: Usually one hour.


General Tech Support

Is your computer running slow? Do you have pop-ups or is your Java messed up? We can fix practically any kind of computer software problem that you have. In addition to fixing your specific problem, we will make sure that your computer is working at optimum speed, and that it's secure from any kind of virus. Time needed: Usually one hour.


Virus Removal

If you have a virus, malware, pop-ups or advertisements, we can clean them up and bring your computer back to optimal functionality. We will also install additional scanning tools and teach you how to use them so that you can protect your computer from future threats. We are certified to send a report back to LiveOps that your computer is clean. Time needed: Usually one hour.







Some of the services we can provide:

  •     Spyware and Virus removal

  •     Check that software and drivers are up to date

  •     Tune-up of your computer to make it run faster

  •     Disk defragmentation

  •     Removal of all configuration issues

  •     Optimization of your computer

  •     System performance improvement

           And much more…



    You will speak with an experienced Personal Technology Expert
    Problems solved remotely over the Internet, right in your home
    You will get the best Technical Support in the World!

  • Fixing system start-up problems

  • Fixing system memory problems

  • Diagnosing of Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

  • Phishing and dangerous spam removal

  • Restoring a system

We offer a 48-hour Money Back Guarantee